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Enjoy a splendid dinner and tango show in which you will be able to see a top-quality show with professional tango singers and dancers, in one of the most exclusive atmospheres of Buenos Aires nightlife.
Esquina Carlos Gardel tango show
Esquina Carlos Gardel
It is a luxurious place that recreates an imaginary cabaret of the thirties with the sophistication and glamour of that time. It features an orchestra with 6 musicians, more than 20 artists on the stage and the only one singer who sings like Carlos Gardel.
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Rojo Tango show
Rojo Tango
A sexy, intimate show at Faena´s hotel. The orchestra traces the history of tango from its burdel roots to modern day groove, while professional dancers and singers spring and slide around the venue.
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Tango Porteño show
Tango Porteño
The show revives the Golden Age of the Tango. It features 30 artists on the stage, an orquestra with 12 musicians, 8 couples of professional dancers and 2 singers. This unique and modern show recovers the essence of the traditional Tango.
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El Viejo Almacen tango show
El Viejo Almacén
The most traditional Tango Bar, the pioneer and may be, the one who has preserved the real identity of Tango through the years. It features an intimist ambient, next to the artists.
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Piazzolla tango show
Piazzolla Tango
It features a picturesque place, a theater carefully restored in french style, a luxurious salon and a perfect acoustic. The show is based on “Estaciones Porteñas”, composed by Astor Piazzolla in different moments of his life.
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La Ventana tango show
La Ventana
La Ventana is located in the heart of San Telmo neighborhood, in a refurbished historic conventillo that is a classic building of the Buenos Aires culture. It features 2 orchestras, dancers, singers, and also a Gaucho Show.
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Gala Tango show
Gala Tango
It features a luxurious french style place with an exclusive VIP service and a tango show, music from the Andes and a Gaucho skill performance. You will also have the possibility to take a Tango lesson before dinner with professional Tango dancers.
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Cafe de los Angelitos tango show
Café de los Angelitos
An old bar from 1890 renovated as a small tango theater, which recreates the atmosphere of the 20th century. A distinguished show that features an elegant decoration, great choreographs, best costume design and gourmet menu.
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El Querandi tango show
El Querandí
It is one of the most traditional Tango Shows in Buenos Aires. It is decorated like the oldest bars of 1900\\\\\\'s. The show will let you see the Tango history and dancers dressed up in costumes like in the Belle Epoque of beginning of the XX Century.
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Señor Tango show
Señor Tango
It is a spectacular Broadway style show, the biggest in town. It features outstanding performances and visual effects, the last generation technology, and the main theme of “Evita”.
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